Casa vacanze Molino8 GhegaServiced Apartment Molino8-Ghega in Trieste

What is this website about?

This is the bilingual website of Molino8-Ghega holiday lettings activity, located in Trieste, Italy. It's about the holiday lettings itself and its touristic offer; there's a brief tourist guide of the town and additional information about eating and shopping. It is, moreover, provided with two reserved areas, one in Italian, the other in English language, by which our Premium clients can enjoy some additional and useful information. Would you like to be updated about our exclusive offers and information? Register! Are you already on board? Login!.

How can I use it?

You can use it to get your first tourist information about the town you'll be visiting, about the holiday lettings itself and about the booking process.

What can I book here?

From here you can book your vacancy by the holiday lettings. You have to keep in mind that the holiday lettings serviced apartment can hosts up to four people and know that you are going to book a fully equipped apartment located in town centre.

How can I book?

You have two payment options and only one way to accomplish it: the online one. Payment options: 1) connecting with one of our partner sites, selecting dates and lenght of stay; giving your credit card details; paying a deposit percentage at the booking stage and balancing at the check-in, or paying the whole amount before your arrival date, avoiding lost time at your arrival; 2) using Paypal, after verified our vacancy availability.

What about your Cancellation Policy?

However you booked we can accept (if no other written agreement) booking deletion solely if they are made at least 24 hours before your reserved arrival time. It is not possible to claim any reimboursement if any partner site is involved in the payment. This is because they directly manage payments. Reimboursement are possible solely if the payment has been made directly to us and it matches the written agreement.

Is there any check-in time?

Yes, it is daily from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.. We can, of course, wait for you if some delay occurs during your trip. We just request to be informed by you, by phone or email, social networks and so on. We just remind you there's no reception desk at the place.

Is there any parking place for my car over there?

Yes, of course. You have two options: the first one is about free parking place in the street just opposite our serviced apartment; the secon one is in a private garage, 200 mt. far from our place.

Is the WiFi connection available?

Yes, it is available all over the apartment.

How’s possible to get to the centre?

You are already in town centre. Anyway if you mean you want to get to the historical centre you have just to get out of the building on the right, going straight and in 10 minutes you’ll get to the historical centre. The seaside is its boundary.

How is it possible to get to the sea?

By bus (we suggest you to get the bus line 10 at Campo San Giacomo, which is just beyond the buildings you see from the twin bedded room balcony) in 10 minutes; walking, in 20 minutes; by car in 5 minutes.

Any shuttle service from and to the apartment?

On payment to the airport (register and login the reserved area to know the fares); free of charge from or to the train or bus station.

Do you provide a Concierge service?

Yes, we do. Some services are free of charge, others are on payment. Please, register and login into your reserved area in order to know all the details.

Is the place equipped with air conditioning?

Yes, it is! There are three devices: one in the kitchen and one in every sleeping room.

Are my personal details safe?

Yes, they are. However, visit the proper page that allows you to learn more about the issue.

What about TV sets?

Yes, TV sets are located in both double and twin bedded room.

What is the apartment floor?

The apartment is at the fifth floor of a seven floors building, plus two basement floors.

The apartment address and phone number?

Address: Via del Molino a Vento 8, Trieste. Phone: (+39) 327-7443761.
Is that enough or do you need any further information? Contact us:

How far is the apartment from the highway?

The closest highway’s access point is at about 7 kilometres, going up to the hill, Cattinara Hospital direction, and then following the direction plates.

Are there any promotions for us?

Yes, there are some promotional campaigns going on right now and for the following months. They are valid just joined with online reservations. To get them, it is necessary to register and then login. Entering your reserved area you'll get all the information you need to print your personal discount coupon out. Show it during your check-in time!

Are pets allowed?

Yes, they are allowed. Dogs, cats and other small pets are allowed in our place.

I am diabetic: how can you help me?

Molino8-Ghega Serviced Apartment is the right place, in Trieste, for people who suffer celiac disease. Molino8-Ghega provides a wide range of information and, on request, food for people who are illed by celiac disease, diabetes, hyper-glycemia disfunction. Molino8-Ghega place is able to inform about, signal to, provide for food which is specifically requested by those types of people.This is done to improve our service standard, at every customer request.

Do you have policy about smoking and nonsmoking people?

Yes, we do. We can accomodate you in a room for smokers or nonsmokers depending on your need. Please, request it before your check-in!

How can I book a cradle?

Sending us an email:

Have I to be an adult to sleep in your place?

No, you haven't. However up to 14 years old you have to be accompanied by your parents; above that age you have to show an identity paper.

Is the apartment provided with balconies?

Yes, it is. There are two balconies, both with an amazing view, one for each side of the building.